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Top 10 Scenic Drives with your Car Rental in Corfu

Top 10 Scenic Drives in Corfu

Corfu, the emerald island of Greece, offers an idyllic blend of stunning landscapes, historic sites, and picturesque villages. The best way to explore its hidden treasures and captivating scenery is by car. With a rental car from Best Car Rental, located just a five-minute walk from Corfu Airport, you can embark on an unforgettable journey across this enchanting island. In this blog post, we will take you through the top 10 scenic drives in Corfu, each offering unique vistas and experiences that are perfect for exploring with a rental car.

1. Paleokastritsa to Lakones

Starting your journey in Paleokastritsa, one of Corfu’s most famous and beautiful areas, you’ll drive up to the charming village of Lakones. This route is renowned for its breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and the rugged coastline. As you ascend the winding roads, you’ll encounter several viewpoints where you can stop, take photos, and marvel at the panoramic vistas. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Monastery of Paleokastritsa and the historic Angelokastro castle.

2. Corfu Town to Kanoni

A drive from Corfu Town to Kanoni is short but packed with scenic beauty and historical significance. Begin in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Corfu Town, with its Venetian architecture, quaint streets, and vibrant atmosphere. From there, head towards Kanoni, where you’ll find stunning views of the iconic Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse Island (Pontikonisi). The scenic drive along the coastal road is perfect for a leisurely exploration in your rental car.

3. Achilleion Palace to Benitses

Starting from the magnificent Achilleion Palace, built by Empress Sissi of Austria, this route takes you through lush greenery and picturesque villages. The palace itself is a must-visit for its stunning gardens and impressive architecture. From there, drive towards the coastal village of Benitses, known for its charming old town, beautiful beaches, and excellent seafood restaurants. This scenic drive offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and natural beauty.

4. Corfu Town to Kassiopi

One of the most popular drives in Corfu, this route takes you from the bustling Corfu Town to the serene village of Kassiopi. As you drive along the northeastern coast, you’ll pass through traditional villages, olive groves, and beautiful beaches. Kassiopi, with its picturesque harbor, crystal-clear waters, and ancient castle ruins, is a perfect destination for a relaxing day trip. The scenic drive offers numerous spots for swimming, dining, and enjoying the stunning coastal views.

5. Sidari to Peroulades

The drive from Sidari to Peroulades is a must for those seeking dramatic coastal landscapes. Sidari is famous for its unique rock formations and the Canal d’Amour, a natural tunnel in the sea. From there, head towards Peroulades, where you’ll find the stunning Loggas Beach, known for its breathtaking sunset views. The cliffs and turquoise waters along this route make it one of the most scenic drives in Corfu.

6. Lefkimmi to Kavos

For a taste of Corfu’s southern charm, drive from Lefkimmi to Kavos. Lefkimmi, with its traditional architecture and serene riverside setting, offers a glimpse into the island’s authentic side. The road to Kavos is lined with olive groves and vineyards, leading you to one of Corfu’s liveliest destinations. Kavos is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, but it also boasts beautiful beaches and water sports activities. This drive perfectly combines cultural exploration with leisure and fun.

7. Corfu Town to Agios Gordios

Starting from Corfu Town, this drive takes you to the beautiful beach resort of Agios Gordios on the island’s west coast. The route offers a mix of urban and rural scenery, with charming villages and lush landscapes along the way. Agios Gordios is known for its long sandy beach, dramatic cliffs, and excellent beachfront tavernas. It’s an ideal destination for a relaxing beach day, and the scenic drive ensures you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

8. Roda to Acharavi

The northern part of Corfu is a treasure trove of scenic beauty, and the drive from Roda to Acharavi is a highlight. Both towns are popular seaside resorts, but the journey between them is where the magic lies. You’ll pass through traditional villages, fertile valleys, and stunning coastal views. Acharavi offers a long sandy beach, crystal-clear waters, and a laid-back atmosphere, making it a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the island’s natural beauty.

9. Paleokastritsa to Angelokastro

If you’re seeking a drive that combines history with breathtaking views, the route from Paleokastritsa to Angelokastro is perfect. Begin in the picturesque bay of Paleokastritsa, known for its stunning beaches and turquoise waters. From there, drive up to Angelokastro, one of Corfu’s most significant Byzantine castles. The road is winding and offers spectacular views of the coastline and the lush hills. At the top, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic vistas of the island and the sea.

10. Corfu Town to Mount Pantokrator

For those who love mountainous landscapes and panoramic views, the drive from Corfu Town to Mount Pantokrator is a must. Mount Pantokrator is the highest peak in Corfu, and the route to the top is filled with scenic beauty. You’ll pass through traditional villages like Spartilas and Strinilas, each offering unique charm and stunning views. At the summit, you’ll enjoy 360-degree views of Corfu and the surrounding islands. It’s a drive that promises both adventure and awe-inspiring scenery.

How to Rent a Car in Corfu

Renting a car in Corfu is a straightforward and convenient process, especially with Best Car Rental. Located just a five-minute walk from Corfu Airport, our office is easily accessible, ensuring that you can start your adventure as soon as you arrive. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to rent a car in Corfu with us:

  1. Book Online or Visit Us: You can either book your rental car online through our website or visit our office directly. Booking online allows you to choose from a wide range of vehicles and secure your preferred model in advance.

  2. Choose Your Vehicle: We offer a diverse fleet of vehicles to suit every need and preference, from compact cars perfect for navigating narrow streets to spacious SUVs ideal for family trips. Browse our selection to find the car that best fits your itinerary.

  3. Provide Necessary Documents: When renting a car, you’ll need to present a valid driver’s license, a credit card for the deposit, and a passport or ID. Ensure you have these documents ready to expedite the rental process.

  4. Review Rental Terms: Our friendly staff will walk you through the rental agreement, including insurance options, fuel policies, and any additional services you might require. We aim to provide transparent and comprehensive information to ensure you’re comfortable with your rental terms.

  5. Inspect the Vehicle: Before you drive off, inspect the vehicle with our staff to note any pre-existing damages. This ensures both parties are aware of the car’s condition, providing peace of mind during your rental period.

  6. Explore Corfu: With your rental car ready, you’re all set to explore Corfu. Enjoy the freedom to visit the island’s top attractions at your own pace, discover hidden gems, and embark on scenic drives that will make your trip unforgettable.

  7. Return the Car: At the end of your rental period, return the car to our office at Corfu Airport. Our staff will conduct a final inspection, and once everything is in order, you’ll complete the rental process swiftly, allowing you to continue your journey or head to your departure with ease.

Exploring Corfu by car is the best way to experience the island’s diverse landscapes and hidden gems. With a rental car from Best Car Rental, located just a five-minute walk from Corfu Airport, you can easily embark on these scenic drives and create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re drawn to coastal beauty, historic sites, or mountain vistas, Corfu offers a wealth of scenic routes perfect for a road trip. So, if you’re planning a visit to this beautiful island, make sure to book your car rental in Corfu and set out on an adventure that will leave you captivated by its natural and cultural treasures.

By renting a car from Best Car Rental, you’ll have the freedom to explore Corfu at your own pace, uncovering its hidden corners and most scenic drives. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the island’s beauty to the fullest. Book your car rental in Corfu today and get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime!

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