Corfu Car Rental

BestCar Corfu Car Rental Service's

Terms Conditions


The necessary documentation for rent includes :Driving license, Passport, Mobile and Email Credit Card.


For insurances read more at here


Driving the car in non-asphalt road is prohibited.


Vehicle is not allowed to board on a boat or cross the Greek boarders unless there is a written permission from the BestCar Corfu Car Rental.

  • Instant Payment by Viva Wallet (10% off in you choose this payment method).
  • Pay cash on arrival (5% off in you choose this payment method).
  • Pay with credit card on arrival.

Renter is obliged to drop off the car at the time, the date and the place written on the contract. Any change must have the authorization of BestCar Corfu Car Rental.


Renter is responsible for all parking and traffic violations which should be proven paid upon collection of the vehicle otherwise, renter will be charged for traffic fines and 20€ administration tees at the time that BestCar Corfu Car Rental is notified by the renter or the Traffic Authorities.


Renter is responsible for reporting an accident (collision, roll over or simple scratch) with full details of the other party involved, to the Traffic Police and BestCar Corfu Car Rental otherwise insurance (CDW, TP, FDW, WUG, PAI) will not be valid.


Renter must provide BestCar Corfu Car Rental with the Traffic Police report of the accident and must fill out and sign an accident report upon return to our offices. In any other case, renter will be charged with the full amount of the damage caused. Accidents caused by negligence, by violation of the Greek Traffic Law or illegal parking are not covered by the incurance. If you have an accident call +30 697 429 6603, the insurance and Police.


The deducible amount is equal to 500€ and is charged in full.


Every accident report is charged 25€ plus local tax for administration fees.


Damages to the interior of the car (upholstery, dashboard, r/cd) as well as keys, mirrors, wheel covers and antennas are not covered by any insurance unless they were caused in an accident. Heavy dirt or upholstery of car on the body is charged 70€ plus local tax.


The under body of the car, the tires, mags, glasses are covered only in case the renter has accepted the WUG extra insurance of BestCar Corfu Car Rental.


Available on request with a daily charge of 5€.


Available on request with a daily charge of 5€.


24 hours service road assistance available


All rates and charges in this brochure are subjected to V.A.T of 24% tax is added to the rental rate.

Terms Conditions for Scooters

Age and License Requirements

  1. Rent over 22-60 years 50cc.
  2. Rent over 25-60 years 125cc.
  3. FDW insurance for new drivers 19-24 years old:
    • FDW insurance for new drivers 19-22 Driver or Extra Driver for categories 50cc & insurance for new drivers 23-24 Driver or Extra Driver for categories 125cc
    • If the driver or the extra driver you have to purchase this extra.
    • Also, you have to purchase the GOLD Insurance (FDW)
    • Our company policy is to rent Group 50 cc only to drivers from 19 years old, while being a holder of a driving license for 1 year.
    • The insurance for this case is the FDW and excess 300€.
    • Credit or debit card must be available, otherwise if you are paying in cash you must pay 300.00€ for guarantee.
    • Prices for insurance may fluctuate by season but the final price is the one shown on the booking.

Insurance Coverage

  1. Third party insurance (3rd.P.I.) for the vehicle is provided: with 3rd party insurance in case of an accident our insurance company covers the cost of the damage you have caused to another vehicle.
  2. No insurance coverage applies:
    • For whatever happened and found that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • For damage caused by driving on unpaved roads.
    • For damages caused to the bottom of the motorcycle, the tires and rims.
    • For accidents caused by a driver not declared in the lease contract.
    • For accidents for which the lessee has not updated BestCar Corfu Car Rental company and submit an accident report, as defined by the Greek Legislation, regardless of fault.
  3. The tenant is responsible for any damage or theft (partial or total) caused to the rented vehicle up to the amount of market value at the time of the accident / theft.
  4. The lessee expressly agrees that the company BestCar Corfu Car Rental is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damage suffered by the tenant or third parties during the lease, and no claim may be brought against it for higher causes.
  5. In any case of accident, the customer is obliged to contact the company immediately so that the insurance can be valid.
  6. In any case of accident and for the warranty, the customer is charged with 25 euro administration fee + Local tax 24%.

Vehicle Usage

  1. The tenant is not allowed to use the vehicle for racing, wheelies or walks on the sand.
  2. The vehicle may be driven only by the driver and the persons referred to in this tenancy agreement.
  3. The tenant is not allowed to take the vehicle outside the island of Corfu.
  4. The tenant must return the vehicle to the lessor company in the same good condition you received it.
  5. In case of mechanical damage, the tenant must immediately notify the lessor company.

Additional Terms

  1. Traffic violations – Fines: All fines and administrative penalties shall be borne by the renter.
  2. Renter must lock the vehicle whenever it is left unattended.
  3. Fuel: The fuel costs are borne solely by the renter. The lessee is obliged to return the motorcycle to the content of the tank to be like when received.
  4. Any delay (to the due delivery time) of more than 2 hours is charged with one additional rental day.
  5. After signing this rental agreement no refund of money is possible.

Additional Rental Information

  1. Additional rental information will be added to the contract upon delivery of the Scooter.

Business Declaration

The company under the name “Best Car Rental Corfu” with its headquarters in

Corfu island declares that:

«With absolute respect to the rights of the consumer, by signing the rental contract, the lessee will sign and the declaration of compliance with the consumer’s Code of Conduct”.

In particular, our company is in the difficult position of having to deal with phenomena of deception practices and insult to its reputation and clientele by certain vehicle lessees who have either concealed losses in vehicles or entered into a contactless banking transaction which they cancelled outright afterwards, with the intention of saving the amount of compensation for the damage of the vehicles they caused and to obtain illegal property  benefit and extortionate practice.

The aforementioned lessees made negative reviews with false representations in social media or through the google review application, persuading unknown persons to do the same, committing the offence of fraud.

The company declares that it reserves the right in the present and the forthcoming future to claim for compensation and restoration for any damage caused to its reputation and its customers.

On behalf of the company

Buhaiar Spiros