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Luggage Storage Services in Corfu

When exploring the enchanting island of Corfu, trust BestCar Corfu Car Rental for reliable and secure luggage storage services. Our dedicated luggage storage facilities are conveniently situated at our main office, just a short distance away from Corfu Airport. Whether you need short-term storage for a few hours or a more extended solution spanning several days, we provide flexible storage options tailored to your requirements. Our luggage storage service is meticulously designed to offer you peace of mind, ensuring your belongings are safeguarded in a secure environment. At BestCar Corfu Car Rental, we prioritize the safety and security of your possessions. Our commitment to providing top-notch service extends to our luggage storage facilities, where we offer a reliable solution for travelers seeking a convenient and trustworthy option.

Free Luggage Storage for our
car rental and scooter Customers

1-3 hours

3€ / item

3-6 hours

5€ / item

6-12 hours

8€ / item

24 hours

12€ / item

> 3 days

8€ / day / item

Other Items

2€ / day / item

Car Rental Corfu | Car Hire Corfu | BestCar Rental Corfu

luggage storage in corfu

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Take advantage of BestCar Corfu Car Rental's luggage storage services, where your belongings are in good hands. Book our service and experience the convenience of exploring the island unencumbered, knowing your luggage is safe and secure.

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