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Pantokrator Monastery

The Monastery of Pantokrator is located 30km north of Corfu town, almost 40 minutes using a car, on top of Pantokrator, the highest mountain of the island on the northern side of Corfu.

Access is through a truck road but the incredible view rewards the visitors. The first construction was built in 1347 and destroyed in 1537, while the building we admire today dates back to the late 17th century. Besides the stone church there are portico and inner courtyards. Entering in the monastery you have not a feeling of ancient place but rather of a modern building well constructed. During the year it is the destination of numerous pilgrims and the first week of August, with Pantokrator celebration, reaches the highest number of visitors. Along the road that leads up the mountain, you can see the lights of the candles carried by all the area’s villagers as they walk toward the monastery for the celebration.

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